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ENORB - European Network on Religion and Belief

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ENORB - European Network on Religion and Belief

The European Network on Religion and Belief ( ) is a European organisation based in Brussels, of which AFAN was a founding member, with the following aims:
  • To bring religious and non-religious groups together to work in partnership and in dialogue with the European Union, on EU policy priorities, with particular reference to the ‘economic, social and territorial cohesion’ of Europe.
  • To build a common European Platform to combat discrimination and prejudice, and promote harmony and shared values between different religious and non-religious traditions, through joint activities including dialogue, exchanges and social actions for the common good.
  • To develop a shared language between religions, philosophical organisations, and politicians on key issues and policies for the future of Europe.

We are currently working on a project with ENORB on reconciling religion and belief with LGBT rights. Information on how to get involved is available from: .