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A Secular Approach to Prayer
Lent on the News Pages!
Buddhists and Christians meditating together
Comedian, cancer, life, and death, teenagers and church
Amazing woman brings young people into her House
Artists stencil 9,000 bodies onto Normandy beach to mark Peace Day
Katharine Welby on Living with Depression
In memory of the Norway attacks July 2011 - 'Corners In The Rain' by J Eoin
SGB (sonny Green -Browning) - The youth of today? - Rapper aged 16....We are spiritual beings!
A Declaration of Interdependence: a crowdsourced short film
Multi- Faith Spaces: Project and Video
The rapping Lama - Gomo Tulku
"As we forgive those..."
The dirt Devil - Advert
Become Someone
127 - the film
Eat Pray Love - Live By Your Own Rules
One World, One Heart: Images That Changed The World
Lent - Say One for Me Prayer Campaign
God and the Meaning of Life (Monty Python)
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