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Universal Credits - Churches' response
Britiain's Economy is Broken - Archbishop
Poverty is Sexist campaign
Multi-faith Homeless Shelter
Child Poverty
Homeless Jesus statue for London
Why I Think This World Should End
Oxfam's Inequality World Cup
Poverty Sunday, Food Bank video
Rap about Payday Loans, Credit Unions etc 'We need a union on the streets'
Britain becoming a nation of Good Samaritans?
Church leaders: Poor people are more than 'economic entities'
Unseen Movie (2014) from WWF
Homeless Hungarian man hits lottery jackpot with his last few coins
Report - 'Heat or Eat Generation of Children'
Epiphany Stories
Life of poor and rich people
Pope Francis on Capitalism
Money on the Mind - Wealth
Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight 2013
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