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Hairdressing Beauty Session Plan on Death

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1. – Introduction (Select from options below)


(Round class or post-it notes from small groups of 2s or 3s)

  • What are your reactions to the idea of death?

  • What are your experiences of death?

  • What are your experiences of funerals?

  • Post-it Notes to give responses.

Introduction B– WORLDVIEWS

  • Introduce a clip/visual image of death from one or more religious/non-religious traditions.

  • Does this correspond to anything in your experience?

Introduction C – VOCATIONAL

One way death has to be faced in the hairdressing/beauty profession is in preparing a dead body for burial (example from one faith/belief perspective)

Use visual or video of preparation of dead body

2. Group Activities

Discussion Questions – (whole group or small groups)

  • Would you be prepared to prepare a dead body for a funeral? Why/Why not?

  • What happens in your own faith/belief tradition in preparing a body for burial? Why?

  • What does your faith/belief tradition say happens to you after death?

  • What do you believe happens to your body after death?


  • Look up Distinctive Views on Death from other faith/belief perspectives.

  • Introduce a visual/video image of one or more funerals.

  • Write a story/description of a funeral/preparation for a funeral.

3. Application to Work Contexts

In working life, death has to be faced in a number of contexts.

  • Accidents - (Links with health and safety) – Are there risks in your profession?

  • Industrial damage, pollution etc. (Links with Citizenship) – What dangers are there in your industry?

  • Personal – eg friend’s or colleague’s bereavement – (Links with SMSC) – any experiences of this?

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