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Death and Loss

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Appendix B


Lesson Plan

Date: Time: Duration: College Site & Room:

Course: Subject: Pastoral Tutorial No. of students: On register: Present:

Topic: AFAN: Death/ Loss

Lesson aims: (teacher’s intentions)

  • To look at the themes of death and loss, and consider different theories/ views

Specific learning outcomes: (what you intend students to achieve in this lesson)

  • To understand the different stages of loss

  • To gain a basic understanding of how different religions view loss

Assessment method(s): (how each learning outcome will be assessed)

  • Small group discussion

  • Feedback on A3 sheets

Previous knowledge assumed: Some

Materials and equipment required

PC & projector, whiteboard, pens, handouts

Time/ Stage

Subject Matter/Content

Teacher Activity

Student Activity


Core Skills



00:00 – 00:05


Icebreaker: (teacher chooses topic)

Introduce Icebreaker

Students answer individually

00:05 – 00:10

Starter: Ask each student to write on a piece of paper someone/something that is v. important to them (e.g. Mum)

Give instructions – hand out paper

Students write individual answers on paper

00:10 – 00:25

Teacher takes each piece of paper – screws up and throws on floor: Ask students say how they feel

Screw up paper

- facilitate discussion

Students share how they feel

Explain before: this may upset some people

00:25 – 00:30

Watch video on ‘5 stages of loss’

Play video: Write: denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance on whiteboard

Watch video – try and work out when each stage is reached. Discuss as class

00:30 – 00:40

In small groups read Buddhist/Muslim/Christian perspectives on death – come up with summary points

These can be printed from


for your reference summarys can be found at


Give out AFAN handouts on death:

In small groups read & find 4/5 points to summarise

00:40 - 00:45

Groups feed back answers to above question

Tutor chairs discussion: writes answers on board

Students contribute ideas from small groups

00:45 - 00:50

As whole class discuss differences in approaches to death – ask which approaches students relate to. Look at handout ‘continuum of grief’

Teacher chairs discussion – gives out handout ‘continuum of grief’

Students share opinions

00:50 - 00:55

Plenary: summarise 5 stages of grief

Teacher summarises

Students ask any questions




The Three stages of Grief

Evaluation of Lesson


Areas for Development

Action points for the next lesson


These files can be downloaded - and are supplementary information - Filename/TitleSize

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