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Islanders and Invaders

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Please see attached documents. The exercise is done in three parts.


This is the first document:


You number about 300 to 400. Your society is well-structured, with tribal chiefs presiding over “elders’ meetings” at which disputes are settled and decisions taken for all the inhabitants.
There is very little crime. You are a peaceful people, with a set of moral laws that everybody, by and large, adheres to. There is enough food on the island for everyone, and you have the ability (which you put to good use) to create hunting weapons to kill animals for food. The climate is hospitable, with enough rain to irrigate the crops that you grow to supplement your diet of meat. Your settlements have been carefully chosen, to afford the best shelter on the island and the most fertile flat land for your crops. You are, in short, a contented society.
Disease takes its toll, of course, and your witch-doctors with their tribal medicines do not always have the cure for your illnesses. You have an elaborate faith system, worshipping the gods who bring the rains for your crops and who punish you by their storms. The gods inhabit Mount Aura, and it is said that any man who climbs the holy mountain will die. Of all your laws, the most sacred law is a simple one: any person who attempts to set foot on the mountain must be put to death. Your respect for the gods of the mountain dictates everything about your culture, and is shrouded in the mists of time.

But rumours have reached you from neighbouring islands about men on great wooden beasts that can cross the sea and bring with them fire-sticks to kill and to burn. You are fearful that one day soon these men with their strange clothing and fire-sticks will come to your island. They talk of a God who took on a human shape and was killed on a tree and came back to life, yet they kill and take your women (or so the rumours go). The gods of the mountain remain silent…


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role play - Islanders I.doc21 KB
role play - Invaders and Islanders 2.doc23 KB
role play - Invaders and Islanders 3.doc23.5 KB

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